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I’m a huge fan of driving gloves, I've always been. Whether it’s wearing them for shorter commutes or long road trips, it’s one of my essentials. I’ve finally created my own driving gloves that fit like a second skin made for you to enjoy the journey. Head to @byLNDstudio instagram to see more ways of wearing them.


DETAILS: 100% genuine leather (hair sheep leather)

HAIR SHEEP LEATHER: a top grade leather for gloves is hair sheep leather and  is known for its great strength and natural elasticity, perfect for that second skin feeling while driving long journeys.  


SIZES: S / M / L


MEASUREMENTS - see the last two images in the carousel above on how to measure and sizing correspondence

S: 7.5 - 8 inches / 19 - 20.5cm

M: 8.5 - 9inches / 21.5 - 23cm

L: 9.5 - 10inches / 24 - 26cm


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